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09 мая 2000

Остальные новые стишки

Меняется каждый час по результатам голосования
RWANDA (death children)

A black monster flew over my land last night.
>From its belly fell a dark silent angel of might.
I was the only survivor to see the angel from the sky.
Yesterday I survived a massacre and I do not know why.
Sitting with my dead mother not knowing if I was dead.
Hearing distant victory cries of the murderers of dread.
I cradled my mother in my arms tilting her head to see.
That’s when the angel glided into the tallest tree.
It must be the supernatural or evil watching over me.
I had to face this evil to save the souls of my land.
I touched the forest where I first noticed evil's hand.
Evil must be gone for I no longer sense it in the air.
Time passed as my mind drifted to a sanctuary of care.
Gurgling sounds kept drifting in and out of my good ear.
I had to wake for this may be my death or evil I fear.
I opened my eyes to devour images that could not be real.
Trees were marked with dead rebels who had come to steal.
Rebel victory cries would never be heard again.
Their evil ways were matched by my dark angel friend.
Hundreds of rebels crucified in the forest to see.
Only a supernatural could deliver such vengeance for me.
Others survived rebel massacres but only a few spared.
A child from each village lived, someone must have cared.
Forty villages spawned thirty-nine survivors and me.
As the child leader I rebuilt my village for all to see.
Evenings near the fire now, we chant thanks for our way.
Our chants are directed towards the dark angel to stay.
Nights passed as we sang our chants by the fire light.
The moon kept filling until one full moon lit night.
We could see a dark figure perched on top of a tall tree.
A strange halo surrounded the black figure for us to see.
The angel's wings extended, as might a large forest owl.
As we chanted that evening we heard the angel howl.
I had to risk talking with the dark angel of fright.
I started walking the forest in search of him that night.
I entered the forest bellowing out cries for attention.

Do you hear me dark angel, my savior of redemption.

“Never travel the forest until I have gone above.
I am here by chance not by choice or love.”

Are you an angel who can take mortal form?

“I am a killer of killers in the eye of your storm.
I have come to eat the flesh of those of ill will.
My desire is to survive and my purpose is to kill.
Return to your village and give me a meaningful end.
One day soon my master will come for me young friend.
That day I will leave the forest to travel higher ground.
I will die that day and my body will never be found.”

My dark angel you cannot die in our world of shame.
You are my angel and we have been safe since you came.

“Return to your village until I have gone far from here.
One day you will see meaning in your suffering & fear.”
I returned to my village as the dark angel decreed.
I continued on with the other children who were freed.
Until a thunder struck loud as we started to stare.
Our sky filled with black monsters throughout the air.
The forest thundered and flashed two nights and a day.
The sky filled with strange demon like hawks of prey.
The forest changed and the animals returned to stay.
The air was fresh and the scent of blood had gone away.
Orphan’s now chant a prayer of the massacre and pillage.
The prayer chant the same as in our orphan village.

“We know you dark angel from the sky.
Our souls damaged as you heard us cry.
All deaths past have given life for tomorrow.
Delivered from war we shall conquer our sorrow.”
Это, собственно, не стишок, а вопрос по поводу стишка, уже
опубликованного. Значит, в "Балладе о гонорее", при перечислении ее
жертв , среди прочих указан "крайний правый "Спартака". Дело в том, что
сейчас в "Спартаке" два крайних правых - В.Баранов и В. Кечинов, они
друг друга всегда меняют. Так кто же из них болен гонореей?
Пиздани пиздато блять
Чтобы блядь, ипона мать,
Пизданутой шла гулять
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