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21 августа 2003

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Меняется каждый час по результатам голосования

Night, it is coming slowly through my window.
Night, wants to take away you, but I won’t
Let, you go until we make love here on the bed.
After you leave I will go crazy and be sad.
You eyes like diamonds and you all the best I loved,
By God, I know that, you are sent from up above.
Soul, my soul is moaning and time comes it will be dead,
Today I’m losing you, but yesterday I had.
So what to do, oh, God, please give me some advice,
The sun is going down, but soon the moon will rise.

Why? Did I ever meet on earth this woman,
Why? She has left no choice for me today, but
Die. And I will die, I’ll do whatever damn her wish,
My life without her is like ocean without fish.
Manipulates me by the beauty of her face,
Infinite racing, but I know I’ll lose the race.
Ice, her beating heart is even colder than ice is;
Astonished, fascinated, stunned and I can’t breath.
So what to do, oh, God, please give me some advice,
Her bloody mind is like six-dimensioned dice.

Ghost, there’s a ghost that’s chasing me forever,
Boats, I could boast, but I don’t think I’ll ever.
Coast, the rest of life I’ll spend somewhere far away,
It’s been a long time since I had that awful day.
The only girl that could save my forsaken life
Said I should go to highest cliff and there dive.
Rage, the rage has taken her and now she hates the world,
I wonder what so wrong I did to her or told.
So what to do, oh, God, please give me some advice,
I’m trapped like hunger very often traps the mice.

Without this girl is wasteful now my every day,
I dug myself on cemetery deepest grave.
Wait, and let me have one single glance at you at least,
I loved the woman, but she turned to be a beast.
So what to do, oh, God, please give me some advice,
There’s nothing really I could to compromise.
To compromise…
Хорошо быть кошкою,
Хорошо собакою:
Где хочу пописию,
Где хочу покакаю!

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