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Образец длиной до 50 знаков ищется в начале имени, если не найден - в середине.
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09.05.1998, Новые афоризмы и фразы - основной выпуск

Почему, когда ты разговариваешь с Богом - это названо молитвой, а когда
Бог с тобой - шизофренией?

05.05.1998, Новые афоризмы и фразы - основной выпуск

Дети на заднем сидении приводят к несчастному случаю, несчастный случай
на заднем сидении приводит к детям.

11.01.1999, Остальные новые стишки

Stishok bez nazvania. Napisal na peremene mezhdu lektsiami.
Samuul Iakovlevich mog bi perevesti

A boy walked by a slender girl
And wanting to impress,
He took away the purple pants
So that she saw his ass.

The sun shone bright on long soft grass,
This nature drowned in paint
But it was just a little lass
What could she do, but faint?

She fell with graceful movement back
The go of time was stopped
And landed into farmer's shack
Collapsing walls and prop.

The boy, let's call him Paul or Jay
Got scared of all this junk
He tried to haste away but bumped
Right in the farmer's trunk.

He got there with his brown head
The rakes has scratched his arm,
But farmers sight had laid ahead
Towards a fucked-up farm.

His mighty body stressed the look
And nostrils blew dense smoke
The thing for what he mortgage took
Is wrecked...it's she who broke!

The boy has time to turn away
And so his eyes can't see
What angry farmer did that day
To slender little bee.

But shriek has slashed that vibrant air
The farmer looked impressed:'
Look how much hair
This little girl has got on narrow breast!

And that tattoo...what does it say?
Three letters K,G,B...
Mutation? Well, she better pray
This slender little bee.

Hey, son, u shall come here and watch
That sign on silky dress
It's sickle, farmers have to know
And hammer, more or less.

The greatest hero what you are
You've just defused the spy
And even though he was in bra
It is his time to cry.

Your courage knows no borders...
Though you shouldn't pride up much
Our government gives orders
Our nation fulfills such.

By this, he won't stay alive
Let's fry his vicious ass,
Let's slice him with my father's knife
And make a feast for friends."

The farmer cooked, the neighbors came
And very first toast said:
We'll fight for Oklahoma's fame
Against external raid!'

Boris and stuff INC
No rights reserved 1999

13.05.1998, Остальные фразы

Esli b ia rodilsa zhenshinoi ia b bil lesbiankoi.

Elbowberry (5)